Wink of an Eye – Episode 67

This week, Rachel and Chris really wish these super fast aliens moved a bit faster on Wink of an Eye!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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Next Episode: The Empath!

5 thoughts on “Wink of an Eye – Episode 67”

  1. Aye, yes, ye could use this here Scalosian Water to speed the crew up and solve every problem we come across, but I think ye’re missing the most important question, laddie – does it make a good mix with Scotch?

  2. So now we know that phaser beams travel much slower than the speed of light.

    Also, how long did Kirk and babe-of-the-week have to wait outside his quarters for the door to open? That must have been an awkward few hours.

      1. Did they do it with the door open then? They risk the door closing if they fall asleep for eight hours, so they must have blocked it open with something. Was-iz-name could have walked in right in the middle. And what would a passing Enterprise crewmember have heard? BZZZZZZ-Squeek !

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