Where No Man Has Gone Before – Episode 2

Join Rachel and Chris for the second episode of Rachel Watches Star Trek, as we look into Where No Man Has Gone Before.

In this episode a guy with silver eyes and god-like powers, sexually harasses a fellow crewmen!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next episode: The Man Trap!

9 thoughts on “Where No Man Has Gone Before – Episode 2”

  1. Now I think of it, ‘jettison them’ would solve the problem in a number of episodes!

    Stick with it Rachel – there are some classic episodes coming up! Like Chris said, “The Man Trap” introduces the great Dr McCoy and has a pretty memorable monster, in a couple of episodes you get “The Naked Time” which is George Takei’s favourite episode of the entire series, and then you get some great Shatner scenery-chewing in “The Enemy Within”! You can see the teeth marks in the set 😉

  2. The “jewel-eyed jerk…” alliteration made me laugh. And as it’s Christmas, I also liked the deconstruction of “Die Hard”! Keep up the good work Mr. and Mrs. L.

  3. Just started listening to this podcast, and I really appreciate the fact that you’re making an honest effort to watch this series (which is a favorite since childhood) and not just smirkily making fun of it. A plus is that Rachel sounds so much like Daphne Moon (which I mean as a compliment and not an insult) that I like to imagine Daphne watching Star Trek and commenting on it.

    You bring up some good points. I definitely think that Where No Man Has Gone Before is the best of the pilots. It’s true that Starfleet isn’t about just killing what they don’t understand, but you could also make a case that Spock’s case was justified by Mitchell forcing Kirk to worship him as a god.

    Also, Rachel is correct: as Mitchell’s powers grew, his hair turned grayer.

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