Tomorrow is Yesterday – Episode 20

This week, Rachel and Chris watch Kirk get deeper into time trouble by trying to

fix previous mistakes in the Tomorrow is Yesterday!!

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Next episode: Court Martial!

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Yesterday – Episode 20”

  1. The F-104 Star Fighter is the spaciest looking jet fighter ever. It was the inspiration for a lot of scifi paperback book covers.

    Apollo 11 launched on a Wednesday.

    Did they say that Sean Christopher’s mission to Saturn was a manned one? Cassini reached Saturn in 2004 and used 3 slingshot maneuvers to get there. Maybe he was a team leader at JPL. He could have been about 34 years old then.

    Road the cross traveler time the did why?

  2. My first viewing of this episode surprised me as a young teen. For some reason, either because it was one of the episodes that wasn’t syndicated as much as others or just dumb luck, I had no memory of seeing it before I was 12 or 13. I turned on the TV at the appointed time, and was presented with footage, and events that looked nothing like Star Trek. I sat there for a minute as fighter jets were scrambled, wondering what was going on, then suddenly an image of the “UFO” appeared on the screen, and it was the Enterprise with the blue sky of Earth in the background.

    Mind Blown.

    I watched the rest of the episode with great anticipation as this was a “new” (new to me) episode of ST, and fortunately, a pretty good one as well.

  3. Comments on Mr. Scott’s comment brought back ancient Trekker observations that there were no bathrooms on the original series. Evidently, early Enterprise blueprints didn’t have them either. It wasn’t until the Next Generation Star Trek, however, that the group Ookla the Mok immortalized the great potty debate in their song Number One –

    It makes one wonder if this was the line that started that ball rolling.

  4. Almost as bad as the Enterprise having no toilets off the bridge, the floorplan for the bridge of the USS Voyager show that the head is only accessible through the Ready Room. Pity the poor crewman who gets caught short whilst Janeway and Chakotay are arguing about th latest ethical dilemma!

  5. Especially with Bolians on board!

    NEELIX: “Replicators aren’t the only systems of convenience offline. We’ve only got four functioning lavatories for a ship of a hundred and fifty people.”
    JANEWAY: “I see.”
    NEELIX: “Needless to say, lines are beginning to form. If we don’t get unstuck soon we may have a serious problem on our hands. Especially with the Bolians.”

  6. A bit late, sorry. No, I’m afraid Kirk-fu was not in our training and honestly, hand-to-hand combat training was quite basic and quickly forgotten, in the Navy at least (not counting our brother Marines, of course). I can’t imagine AF pilots would have been much better. Generally this episode feels about right, with two nitpicks: that Staff Sgt would not be on night guard duty….his job would be to command the security contingent. The actual guards would be young Airmen. Also, after capturing intruders on an airbase in the 60’s, there would have been a LOT more people running about before they began questioning Kirk…they’d have lit up that base like noon, sirens would be sounding and every single person on the base would be awake, especially security. But that would have ruined the story!

  7. Also worth noting that, whilst they don’t use the slingshot effect to travel back in time and fix every problem in every episode, it’s not completely forgotten about – Kirk & co. do use it again in the episode “Assignment: Earth” and in Star Trek IV. Though we have a few more Kirk time travel incidents through other methods to look forward to as well.

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