The Ultimate Computer – Episode 54

This week, Rachel and Chris explore the value of telling someone off with your finger just under their pectoral after watching The Ultimate Computer!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next week: Bread and Circuses!

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Computer – Episode 54”

  1. This episode is interesting for something that doesn’t happen: I think it might be the first one where other Starfleet captains and flag officers aren’t barking mad when Kirk and his merry crew meet them. Usually starship captains “aren’t at their best” when the Enterprise turns up.

  2. I still think it was stupid to redo the opening theme with another singer. Loulie Jean Norman was a legendary opera singer and you can’t duplicate what she did on the opening credits!

    1. I think the concern around computers taking jobs is overblown due to energy concerns. Computers/robots require *huge* energy outlays, and unless we get way better at renewable than we are now, or learn to mine asteroids pdq, I simply do not believe that we can power automation at that scale.

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