The Savage Curtain – Episode 78

This week, Rachel and Chris marvel at Abraham Lincoln’s ability to combat crawl behind The Savage Curtain!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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7 thoughts on “The Savage Curtain – Episode 78”

  1. I wonder if this episode might have had a bit more resonance to it if, instead of the rather random Colonel Green (Kirk, don’t worry you’ll be okay so long as you don’t hang around in the Billiard Room and Green gets his hands on a candlestick) they had brought Ricardo Montalban back in to reprise the role of Khan?

    1. I would like to see an episode with Khan, Dr. Daystrom, and Captain Garth all trapped in a room with Kirk. Can you imagine all four trying to “out Shat” each other?
      A quartet of simultaneous bombastic soliloquies stomping around a confined space.

  2. I have always been disappointed that Colonel Green didn’t inspire the same subsequent development that Surak and Kahless enjoyed. All three were meant to be one-off “throw-away” characters but it was Green that indisputably shows the greatest charisma and screen presence. Due no doubt to the skill of actor Phillip Pine. The character was revisited in one of the later Star Trek series but not memorably.

    I think the costume choice of a monochrome red jumpsuit for a man named Green was a very clever way to telegraph his deceitful nature.

  3. Retconning: Scotty’s kilt is just his own variation on the unisex mini skirt introduced in the prequel Discovery.

    Speaking of Retconning… Star Trek Continues is a short season web series on YouTube that finishes the 5 year mission and offers a few jabs at the original by redefining some of the worst premises with the modern idea of episodic stories, yet closing with a unifying series and season arc. It references this episode in Kirk’s hero worship of Lincoln and his mental preoccupation with the civil war, and it attempts to redeem the final episode of Turnabout Intruder with an explanation of the Federation’s rules about women as an evolving compromise with alien Federation members. All this while referencing some of the first Kirk episode materials in the end. It’s worth a watch.

    That being said, this episode makes no sense to us on so many levels, but why does it have to? Aliens are by definition, alien. We believe our own rules of scientific discovery with control groups and direct observation and measurements to be logical and universal. Perhaps they are not. Other intelligences may have evolved different “rules” in their quest for knowledge.

    Also, Chris, take heart… Bill and Ted 3 is in the works.

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