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The Pirates of Orion: Episode 93

If they are blue and it’s pronounced Oreeon…are these the same Orions we’ve seen before? Join us in our confusion for this week’s episode!

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  1. The origin of “phoning it in” is from roving news reporters who could call the home office to give their report from the field, to be written up for the morning paper. Voice phone allowed long, detailed reports from the scene as opposed to brief telegraphed messages or coming all the way back to the office.

    That led to a lot of jokes about people being so lazy, important, or just tired of things that they would attempt to phone in for various events that obviously require personal appearance. Among Broadway actors, the joke twisted around to refer to a part so small you should just phone it in because it was barely worth the effort of coming all the way to the theater to perform it. From there it became a general phrase for any job that’s barely worth the effort it takes, and then to an idiom for exerting the absolute minimum effort necessary.

  2. The color of Orions.

    Star Trek always left plenty of room for speculation and extrapolation from scant but striking details. It created a whole industry of canon-adjacent literature.

    FASA Games produced many volumes of material that sought to reconcile continuity problems in the series.

    In their publication on the Orions, it is explained that there were a number of regional complexions within the species and that they were susceptible to the human equivalent to “tanning”. The species’ epidermis is photosynthetic* and reacted to different wavelengths of sunlight with different pigments. Natural (Orion) Sunlight gives them a deep green blush. While prolonged exposure to artificial light on a ship would result in a characteristic “spacer” hue. Compare with the differences between an english miner and sailor. Vina shows us an ideal healthy Orion while Marta has been kept indoors for some time. The pirates haven’t had leave on a planet with the right sun for years.

    *not chlorophyll, the color is a coincidence. Human skin is also photosynthetic. We produce not glucose, but Vitamin D. (Cholecalciferol).

    –End of boring trivia–

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