The Omega Glory – Episode 53

We… the people!

This week, Rachel and Chris find that American Patriotism extends far beyond the reaches of Earth on The Omega Glory!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next Episode: The Ultimate Computer!

6 thoughts on “The Omega Glory – Episode 53”

  1. I am a conservative American patriot, and consider the Constitution one of the finest documents ever written. And this episode makes me cringe…it’s just so bad and clumsy and unlikely and so transparently a “lesson”. I find it hard to believe it was seen as anything other than ham-handed propaganda even at the time.
    Parallel evolution is one thing, but this kind of thing just begs for a realistic explanation, like a lost colony ship which saved only a few fragments from the history books they had on board.
    This is one of those I just pretend never happened.

  2. Wikipedia may put the body’s content of water around 60% but the prevailing thought in the 60s and 70s was closer to 99%, which depends much on how you define water and how you measure it, by volume, by mass, or by total molecular content (which yields about 99%). Elements and compounds weigh very different amounts. I remember back in the 70s that every year a price would be published/announced on how much the chemical makeup of the human body was worth when reduced to its base elements. The total weight was usually about 3kg once all the molecular water was removed.

  3. Was this Star Trek’s only “Red Scare” episode? The Federation itself is portrayed as a succesful and idylic Socialist culture. (Except for the rampant insanity, corruption, and incompetence)

    Also, the Yangs seemed like the good guys when I was a kid, but now they remind me too much of white nationalists. I’m feeling very confused.

    I’m looking forward to The Ultimate Computer for a nice palate cleanse.

    1. Yes, this one seems to have been written by the last remnants of Joe MCarthy’s House Un-American Activities Committee (the 1950’s Commie-hunting committee that accused everyone of being Communists, for the youngsters).

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