The Lights of Zetar – Episode 74

The disco creepy Zetars tryin’ to colonise!

This week, Scotty finds love and we find confusion while watching The Lights of Zetar!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next episode: Requiem for Methuselah!

3 thoughts on “The Lights of Zetar – Episode 74”

  1. I really like Chris’ observation of Scotty’s sexual harassment. We didn’t have much sensitivity or even the vocabulary for it back in the day. I always got the feeling that Scotty’s feelings only went one way, and that it was intentional that she was reluctant. In retrospect, it seems rather tragic that Scotty’s love interests were always co-opted by gods, killed outright or were just his own delusions. The 1960’s network treatment of women was very sexist by any modern standard, and it only gets worse in Star Trek. Remember, it was a main stream societal blind spot, that was both perpetrated and reinforced by network standards. It was all of our faults, and my only excuse was I was in the single digit age bracket and knew no better at the time. I wonder how many of our present core beliefs we will consider barbaric and ill informed 50 more years down the line. The final episode of Turnabout Intruder shows some of Trek’s sexism it at its absolute worst – which, unfortunately, Shatner does so well. I see that the YouTube series of Star Trek Continues has attempted to retcon some of these attitudes. Episode 07 of that series seems to specifically address that final TOS episode that may be looming on your horizon.

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