The Enemy Within – Episode 6

This week, Rachel and Chris fight their inner demons while discussing The Enemy Within!

In this episode, due to a transporter accident, Kirk is split into two! One good and the other evil!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next episode: Mudd\’s Women!

18 thoughts on “The Enemy Within – Episode 6”

  1. Another brilliant podcast episode. You folks are knocking it out of the park. Great mixture of silliness and critique, with some provocative questions raised. (My wife and I paused it part way through to have an impromptu discussion on the portrayal of women, the treatment of their characters in terms of plot, and the ways in which female actors are starting to buck the system.)
    We love your show and we love your repartee. Keep up the great work. You’re a lucky dog, Lackey. Rachel is the best thing since sliced bread – but I guess you know that already.
    Do you guys plan to go on to the movies after the full tv show is covered?

    1. Thank you Dion, you treasure. Hm, you’ve got me thinking even more now about the portrayal of women and the function they serve within each plot…
      As far as the movies, heck, you never know. I’m encouraged you could imagine yourself listening to us into the distant future!

  2. Fun episode! Got to love Shatner in this one – “Om nom nom! Delicious scenery! Om nom nom!”

    Interesting philosophical stuff with the evil and good sides both being needed. The Star Trek V movie plays with a sort-of-related theme of needing the bad alongside the good, with Kirk saying he needs the pain and regret of his bad experiences in life as they helped to make him who he is.

    That said, in this episode they’re not entirely bad and good – if you want to get Freudian, you could look at it as Id-Kirk vs Super-Ego-Kirk. Or, as another review I recall suggested, ‘Sweaty Kirk’ vs ‘Dry Kirk’. I mean, really they shouldn’t have had a problem finding Evil Kirk, they could have just followed the trail of sweat through the corridors!

    Re. ships landing on planets – it takes Stafleet a while to learn that lesson (not until Star Trek: Voyager do we get a main ship that can land on a planet). That said, I guess the Enterprise does land in a couple of the movies – for a given value of ‘land’ at least!

    Synthehol can make you feel mildly intoxicated, but the effects fade very swiftly as it can be broken down by the body much faster than alcohol – Data says of synthehol in ST:TNG that it’s “Intoxicating effects can be easily dismissed”. It’s supposed to taste pretty much the same but connoisseurs like Scotty can tell the difference pretty easily it seems.

    Some of the galaxy’s stronger alcohol (like Romulan Ale) is illegal in the Federation, but Kirk & co. seem to pay about as much attention to that rule as they do the prime directive and just about everyone seems to have a bottle stashed somewhere. Thinking about it, if the ship were run by crew that were drunk half the time and hung over the other half, that might explain a few things…

    1. You make some very astute points Rafe! I especially like the Freudian comparison. I’ll have to give that some more thought.

  3. Another Great Episode! If I remember correctly they tried to use adverse lighting when “Bad” Kirk was in the shot. Also acute close up angles on the screen. This was a tried and true camera technique to add speed to a shot.

    I honestly think this was Roddenberry “Jungian” Thing. “There is no light without shadow an no psychic wholeness without imperfection” Jung, CW

    Maybe I need some Romulan Ale! Or maybe a Pangalactic Gargleblaster.

  4. Just want to say that this is so much fun and Rachel causes belly laughs in myself and partner as we listen together. Chris is ok too, but we already knew his skills from such podcasting appearances as HP Podcraft and News from Pnakotus.

    I suggested to partner that we watch the episodes along with R and C, and she excitedly responded: “Or let’s let them watch for me so I don’t have to!” Welp, I tried.

    Especially appreciated: the feminist perspective that’s neither dismissive of the whole series NOR dismissive of the egregious treatment of women characters. You both shine light and context (can one shine context?) on this strange transitional moment in television history and in Western culture. Especially in this episode, referencing the weird “Mad Men” attitude about sexual assault, i.e. Spock’s “interesting qualities” comment that is gag-worthy. Rachel’s analysis about Rand’s chilling silence and comments about empowerment being a quality independent of assault (around the 10:00 minute mark) were insightful and poignant.

    Many other noteworthy observations and interrogations in the episode, from asking “what do think the set designers are trying to say about [Kirk]” to discussion about keeping strong appearances in leadership and authority.

    Continuing to audition for the role of Richard III. Lightweight Karate uniforms. Starfleet is a highly unsuccessful organization. <–hilarious.

    Accidentally hilarious: Rachel continues to call the transporter "a little stage." It's funny because it's true.

    Well done all around!

    1. Wow, what a fantastic comment. I’m sorry I haven’t seen this until today, but it really gave me a boost as we sat down to watch another episode tonight. Thank you Keeper Chad and partner! So glad you’re enjoying the show.

  5. intriguing analysis

    one question does come to my mind…. are you going to stay within the confines of TOS or will you go forward and cover TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY & ENT?

    1. Hi Akeel, heck, who knows? I think we’d better pick up the pace if so. Chris says there are 70+ episodes left of TOS. Whaaatt??

      1. Aye, 79 episodes of TOS in total, so yeah if you only do one a month that’ll take us to 2023 or something LOL

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