The Doomsday Machine – Episode 36

Rachel and Chris try and unravel the mysteries of the Commodores in this week’s episode, The Doomsday Machine!

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11 thoughts on “The Doomsday Machine – Episode 36”

  1. Of course Kirk can solder starship components. In the future there is all sorts of time to learn how to do anything. Mostly, it’s because they don’t watch tv all the time like people do today. But another major part is the fact that everything is accelerated in their learning. As we add more information to the educational norm, more will be expected of the individual. Case in point: Calculus is a 4th grade subject.

  2. I hate to tell ya, but the scene where Ahab is lashed to the back of the whale by harpoon ropes doesn’t happen in the book. They invented it for the Gregory Peck movie. I was sorely disappointed, because I wanted to see how Melville wrote that scene.
    I grew up assuming this episode was inspired by Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker stories (I mean it’s the SAME THING!), but I only recently learned about Spinrad’s Moby Dick inspiration.

  3. “Congratulations again on your promotion, Admiral McCoy!”
    “Shut up and get a pen. Take this down. New general order – Chief Medical Officers no longer need to conduct a physical examination before they can relieve anyone of duty on medical grounds.”
    “Are you sure that’s-“
    “Especially those goddamned Commodores. In fact, draw up a new regulation that if one of them so much as sneezes they should automatically be thrown into isolation. Those bastards are crazy. If one got a blocked nose, they’d probably try to clear their sinuses with a photon torpedo.”

  4. Love the way they can just forget about the unimaginable tragedy of whole solar systems and billions of lives being destroyed and get right back to exploring. It would be like landing in London to find everyone in Europe dead….and moving on to your meeting in Tokyo tomorrow as if nothing had happened.

      1. To be fair, at no time do they say the two destroyed solar systems were inhabited. Likely all lifeless planets. However the Doomsday Machine was heading for the Rigel system and that was heavily populated.

        I’ve always loved this episode, but thought that for a galactic menace it was absurdly easy to kill. Just throw a bomb down it’s throat. End of Doomsday Machine.

        1. Ah, that is true, the system may not have been inhabited. I think it was The Changeling where they basically ignored billions of deaths and just kept on schedule.

        2. Oops, you are right…guess I just assumed it was inhabited…probably because in Changeling a ton of people had died. (But they did it seem that broken up then, either!)

  5. BTW, I just saw an interview with James Doohan on British TV before he died. Yes, his accent isn’t strictly realistic; he’d originally based it on a guy from Aberdeen that he’d served with while he was in the UK during WWII (being a war hero and participating in the Normandy invasion, don’cha know!) but Roddenberry complained that the real thing was completely opaque to American viewers, including him, so he toned it down a lot for the show.

  6. Oh, and there is indeed a secret behind Scotty’s miraculous engineering feats – but you’ll have to wait until his guest appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation to find out what it is!

  7. William Windom was a legendary stage actor, best known for his one man show of James Thurber. I had the privilege of seeing that live, late in his career, in the early 1980s. Amazing.

    He also had a short-lived but amazing TV series based on Thurber’s life and works, called “My World and Welcome to It”.

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