The Deadly Years – Episode 42

Rachel and Chris feel themselves grow old as they watch The Deadly Years!

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12 thoughts on “The Deadly Years – Episode 42”

  1. The only character in the original series Star Trek I can remember wearing glasses was the transporter operator in the pilot The Cage.

    1. You beat me to it. Although that was probably a mistake made by the actor and not caught by the director. The glasses disappear in the next shot.

  2. The exaggerated makeup in Star Trek:

    You’re watching a restored, color corrected, high definition image on a meter wide super bright, high contrast, flat screen display.

    The makeup used for color television in the 1960’s was unique. It’s main goal was to compensate for the limits and flaws in NTSC broadcast signals.

    It would be VERY difficult to show subtle aging on tv back then.

  3. At the end of the hearing scene, I half expected something like this:

    KIRK: Ask me anything. Anything.
    SPOCK: There’ll be no more questions, Captain. If you would leave the room so the board can vote
    KIRK: Good idea. Get this stupid voting over with so I can get back to running the ship. The most fool thing I ever heard of. Competency hearing when there’s work to be done. I’ll be in my quarters, awaiting your decision.
    KIRK leaves, walking off to the left.
    STOCKER: Well, since the senior officers are incapable-
    KIRK walks back across the doorway, heading right down the corridor.
    STOCKER: Since the senior officers-
    KIRK walks back across the doorway again, heading left. STOCKER pauses; the door hisses closed. He opens his mouth to speak, stops, looks expectantly at the door. Nothing happens.
    STOCKER: As I was saying, since the senior officers-
    The doors hiss open again and Kirk walks in. He starts, and glares at the gathered officers
    KIRK: What are you all doing in my quarters?!?

      1. That’s why it’s visible from Earth, thanks to its inherent bigness.

        Space is just big. Mindbogglingly big. And then bigger than that. You need extra boggling room just to cope with all the boggling that needs to be done about the size of space and comets. Since space and time are the same thing, you can just boggle for longer rather than go to a bigger room. This is useful because it saves on having to buy a new house with a special, large boggling room. You can boggle in a small space for a long time and get the same result.

    1. Comet tails are pretty thin..but but cause a few of our meteor showers.
      As mentioned they also caused some concern and some scifi stories. ( Including “The Comet” by WEB DuBois, which I heard in some podcast or another.)

  4. This episode made me wonder how we deal with bad episodes as “canon”, and I think I just ignore them. I’m a Sulu fan, and this is utterly unprofessional for an experienced qualified command officer. He’d have offered his advice as a “suggestion”, phrasing it as something Kirk would have thought of himself.
    Likewise the whole idea of Kirk and Spock not removing themselves from command or giving permission for unaffected officers to do so when it became obvious they were losing it.

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