The Cloud Minders – Episode 77

This week, Rachel and Chris talk about the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ on The Cloud Minders!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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6 thoughts on “The Cloud Minders – Episode 77”

  1. Both this episode and “Req. for Meth.” Seem to be using Prospero/Miranda from “The Tempest” as stock characters. Lazy.

    If you liked the Stratos police uniforms, you’ll love the Vatican Guard. FABULOUS!

    Re: Zenite gas as a temporary filterable stupidifier:
    Alcohol is a good analogy. And yeah, the Zenite excuse ruins the potentially progressive message of the episode. Very disappointing.

    For a fascinating story of IQ tests, their origin, and eventual abuse by systemic racism:
    The miseducation of Larry P. Part of the RadioLab series.

    Did you notice that Vulcans sleep with their eyes open?
    I would too if Droxine were hovering around the place waiting for me to get drowsy.

  2. Will Captain Kirk’s talents never cease? When he is captured by the troglodytes, he responds with, “Who are you? What’s the meaning of this attack?” but his lips don’t move! Perhaps by showing off his ventriloquism Kirk was hoping the troglodytes would think him some kind of wizard and release him?

  3. I had no memory of this one, and in between the talk of an allegory for racial equality and hats and bellybuttons I could resist doing a watch for myself. I was hoping it was better than the podcast made it sound.

    The allegory part was so disappointing. It was a few years after the Watts riots (1965) and other race riots in 1967, and in the middle of the era of white flight. I’d differ from Chris a bit, when he said the twist about the gas made it removed from society: I honestly think “they might appear stupider and more violent, but it’s only due to very temporary environmental conditions” probably counted as within the enlightened liberal view of the time. But boy that has not aged well.

    The fights were mostly boring, the plotting was sloppy, and the costumes were awesome. So pretty much think Chris & Rachel nailed the highs and lows overall.

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