The Cage – Pilot Episode

img_1527Join Rachel and Chris for the pilot episode of Rachel Watches Star Trek, as we delve into The Cage.

In this episode Spock smiles and “all ships’ doctors are dirty old men”. Let\’s do this!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next month: Where No Man has Gone Before

18 thoughts on “The Cage – Pilot Episode”

  1. This was delightful.

    Now that I think about it, I don’t think I can remember a single instance of people knocking before entering a room on either the original series or The Next Generation (the only series I’ve seen).

      1. Don’t worry, by the time of Next Gen they’ve invented doorbells that go ‘bidoop-beep-beep’ for the private rooms (so they could have Patrick Stewart shout ‘Come’ whenever someone beeps him)

  2. This is great! As someone who has always been a fan of Star Trek, it is so much fun hearing the impressions of someone experiencing the show for the first time. Well done Rachel and Chris!
    Now if I can just get my Brit friends to stop bugging me to watch that Doctor Who thingie.

  3. Actually, I think they use door buzzers to ask permission to enter pretty regularly. Rachel, you’re actually entering the Star Trek world in a slightly different manner than those of us who saw it as it originally aired (in my case, a ten second peak as I was being herded to bed by my mom). The “Cage” episode wasn’t something anyone saw in its entirety until after the show was long off the air. We got all Shatner all the time long before we ever saw Spock smile over a sparkly plant. So hang in there, it only gets better.

    1. All Shatner all the time!
      It seems the poor original pilot wasn’t fit for human consumption. Saw the Shatner pilot this week though…yikes.

  4. I really rather enjoyed the contrast of Chris’s hopeful enthusiasm and Rachel’s pragmatic Northern-ness. But those train toilets are scary.

  5. My wife and I started re-watching TOS (The Original Series) a little while ago. She is a child of the Next Generation and I am an old TOS guy so we come from two different Trek perspectives.

    Like Lovecraft, there are good episodes/stories and some pretty awful episodes, which makes a good complement to The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast style.

  6. I like this show! Like John Rauchert, I also grew up watching these old ’60s Star Treks (on reruns, of course -_- ) and my wife grew up watching ’80s Star Trek. We eventually watched ALL of Next Generation together on Netflix… but I stopped there, I’m really more into Doctor Who…

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