The Alternative Factor – Episode 28

Rachel and Chris wonder if they have seen the worst episode of Star Trek after watching The Alternative Factor!

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9 thoughts on “The Alternative Factor – Episode 28”

  1. When Robert Brown stepped in to the role of Lazarus at pretty much literally the last minute, when he sat down to have his make-up done Fred Phillips, the head of make-up, told him “We’ll give you a special who-knows-what kind of a look. Barrymore didn’t have that, but man I’ll do it for you.” Well, You certainly can’t argue that it’s a ‘who-knows-what kind of look!

    “Sometimes pain can drive a man harder than pleasure. I’m sure you know that, Doctor.” What are you saying, Kirk? Have you caught McCoy hanging around sickbay in his gimp suit?

    Also, further evidence this episode that McCoy bought his medical qualifications online – Doctor McCoy, what is your considered medical opinion on Lazarus’ condition?

    “Well, don’t worry, he’s not going anywhere. Not this time.”

    As soon as he turns his back, Lazarus is out of bed and off sabotaging the ship!

    1. If you could see me now, you would bear witness to a man kicking himself in the butt. I didn’t do my research. Bad Chris! BAD!

      1. What is this madness? A reasonable, self-deprecating, cheerful response to a mild criticism? Where is the frothing defensiveness?! The deflection?! The unrestrained EGO!?

        You, good sir, have been out of the U.S. for far too long. 😀

        (Love the podcast. Listening to Rachel and you go through TOS, it helps me recapture the feeling of watching them the first time. Can’t wait for City on the Edge of Forever. )

  2. Just listened, and I think you’re thinking of the wrong Lazarus. This is more likely a Lazarus referenced from the Gospel of Luke, not John. The writer (using the term loosely) seems to be making more of a statement about heaven and hell being more subjective than absolute, and it is the inability for one individual to accept another as being like themself that creates all the problems. I know, antimatter as a racism metaphor is a real stretch, but that seems to be the direction this was going.

  3. My wife Rachel was in the room whilst I was watching this episode (she sometimes catches bits of the podcast if I have it on in the house, and is often there when you do the live backer shows). She’s a big fan of later Trek series and the new Kelvin timeline movies, but hasn’t seen much of TOS. She did see The Wrath of Khan years ago, and THAT SCENE pretty much put her off it – she still shudders if I mention it (anyone who’s seen TWoK can probably guess which scene I mean).

    I did warn her in advance that this was one of the worst episodes ever, but here are a few of her choice observations:

    “Who’s that guy? Where’s Sulu?”

    “Oh dear, that’s a lot of men in red shirts…”

    (During the first extended, trippy Lazarus exchange) “This is going on a bit…”

    After that she pretty much tuned out, which was probably a good call. She was pretty disgusted that, contrary to Star Trek tradition, none of the red shirts on the landing party were killed, or at least maimed.

  4. A-HA! It all becomes clear!!! Whilst you clearly thought this was a bad episode, I was surprised that your scores weren’t lower, given that it’s not only pretty shoddy but also drags on. Then I heard in the bonus content episode that you watched “Forbidden Planet” before “The Alternative Factor”. Getting punched in the stomach sucks, but if you’ve been kicked in the goolies first then I guess it doesn’t feel so bad!

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