Rachel Watches Star Trek – greatness!

Godwinshelley ★★★★★

Ok, disclosure, I have been a Star Trek fan since I saw the original series being discussed on “The Today Show” with Hugh Downs BEFORE the first episode aired on tv. It’s so great to see the series anew through the eyes of Trek-neophyte, Rachel. Nice to find things that are old-hat to me, being exciting to her. Ah, to see it for the first time again. It has been refreshing. And her husband, Chris, has been a gracious host and enabler as he discusses each episode as they explore from first to last all series in Star Trek. Keep it up guys. I laugh and shake my head as I listen to each episode.

Wonderful Podcast 5/5

By remusclaw

Rachel and Chris are a wonderfully charming way to relive old Star Trek episodes. Rachel brings a fresh perspective to a show that we all probably know all too well. I am excited for every episode to come!

Always Entertaining! 5/5

By Elpasoid

This is a great podcast. At this point, (Stardate 73014.7) Rachel and Chris have almost covered the whole original series. Next they are on to the animated series, and then the Next Generation and then DS9, Voyager etc, etc. Just be warned that Rachel will not let violations of the Prime Directive slide by without a justifiable critique. She is also keen to the fact that any Starfleet officers of flag rank encountered by the Enterprise crew are almost invariably engaged in some kind of nefarious activities. Check this podcast out. It’s more fun than wrasslin a pack of Denebian Slime Devils!

High-level Charm & Wit 5/5

By JB-Ithaca

A mixed Anglo-American couple provides thoughtful analyses of Star Trek episodes that are charming and funny. He’s a big time ST nerd and she’s the game neophyte. Highly-recommended!

Pure delight 5/5

By JindoFox

This is a smart, breezy romp through 1960s Americana with a contemporary eye for fashion, storytelling, scientific inquiry, and psychotherapy. Rachel’s accent, which is exotic to Americans, is the initial draw, but my favorite aspect of this show is how game she is to give Chris’s beloved show a chance, despite its many flaws. I’ve been bingeing this show to catch up with them, and I’ll be sad when I don’t have a huge pile of these to get through. If you haven’t seen the show in a long time, this is a fun way to reminisce without the time commitment. If you haven’t seen much or any of the show, you could try what Rachel has been doing and go through them one by one, with or without a loved one to talk about them afterwards. These two are an inspiration and are well worth a listen!

Awesome concept, great show! 5/5

By furanku2

I really love this show…a smart, funny and insightful person giving her unspoiled first take on something most Americans have seen all their lives. Rachel is an Englandian who was cruelly deprived of TOS until she fell into the clutches of a geeky Yank. They watch and comment on one episode of TOS each podcast, taking the series in order. It really lets you see your familiar and loved TOS in a whole new light, but always with a great affection for the show. So worth listening to.

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