Spock’s Brain – Episode 57

This week, Rachel and Chris watch McCoy drive around a Spock puppet in the classic episode, Spock’s Brain!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next week: The Enterprise Incident!

2 thoughts on “Spock’s Brain – Episode 57”

  1. This is another episode where the final version of the ending ‘tag scene’ was changed from draft scripts, and not for the better. Gene Coon’s drafts had what I think is a much better ending, and definitely one that is far more in keeping with Spock’s character.

    In the drafts the final scene was set on the bridge, with Spock making a typically Vulcan cutting comment to Dr. McCoy. But then, Spock grins! McCoy is gobsmacked, and exclaims, “Spock! You smiled! No, by George, you positively grinned!” Spock then deadpans, “A tribute to your meticulous surgery, Doctor. I was endeavoring to sneeze.”

  2. I never made the connection before. A retelling of The Time Machine where the Eloi and the Morlocks are exchanged. On the other hand, that storyline doesn’t seem to go anywhere. There’s no lesson regarding the advanced society’s solution to a devastating climate change. Whatever plan there was, Kirk wrecked it. His solution is the same as in The Apple; throw a spanner in the works and start a planet wide sex party! Yeah, baby, yeah!

    I have lots of questions about the previous brain/brains. Were they harvested from the female population? Did the women start out just as smart as the founders and devolve? Or were they deliberately dumbed down just to keep the gene pool viable while existng in such a dull environment?

    If they had technology advanced enough to hack a starship and kidnap high ranking military officers, you’d think they could find another planet to live on. Or at least, make the subterrainian world just as rich as the surface.

    The episode could have been worse. Imagine…
    “Scotty’s Liver”

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