Space Seed – Episode 23

Rachel and Chris sit down and discuss the classic episode of… KHAAAAAN!!! KHAAAAAAAAN!!! I mean Space Seed!

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8 thoughts on “Space Seed – Episode 23”

  1. One subtle touch I noticed on rewatching this one that I had missed before – in the scene where Khan is pretending to be unconcious, then leaps up and puts the scalpel to McCoy’s throat, through the whole thing the heartbeat monitor never changes pace, just the same slow and steady bomp… bomp… bomp. Stone cold Khan.

    1. I, Chris, was wrong. Yet again. I don’t know why I thought he was Spanish. Maybe I was thinking of Antonio Banderas.

  2. Kahn — A man of our time.

    Khan claims to be the smartest and strongest man in the room, yet he is outwitted and physically beaten in the end.
    He is a charismatic leader that only manages to recruit one emotionally disturbed historian.
    Kahn is emotionally childish. He is easily manipulated and is prone to temper tantrums.
    Khan has a fake tan.
    What does Khan lack?

    A twitter account.

  3. In early script drafts, Khan was instead a ‘Nordic Superman’ by the name of Harold Ericsson. I’m not sure “Star Trek II – The Wrath of Harold” has quite the same ring to it…

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