Podcast Glossary

These British-isms come to you from friend-of-the-show Jindo Fox. Thanks Jindo!

Supply teacher – A somewhat dehumanizing term for what my people would call “substitute teacher”

Gurning (as in ‘sickbay gurning challenge”) – Pulling a face. In the context of this show, it’s what the suffering people do when being tortured or dying. What a great word. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gurn

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Cold Lunch Unexpectedly harsh treatment, especially from a friend or family member. (This one is not British, it comes from Chris’ high school and no one else has ever heard of it. It’s like “everyone else had pizza and I was given a sandwich’.

Now for some frequently used silly phrases from the podcast (Star Trek: The Original Series):

Best Friends Gang

The Best Friends Gang is Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Kirk takes the BFG on most missions, in spite of there being 400+ crew, Spock & McCoy being useful on the ship, and every mission being highly dangerous.

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Best Friends Gang

Best Friends Gang +1

The same as the above, plus Scotty.

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Best Friends Gang +1

Keeping Baby in the Corner

Referencing Uhura being kept at her desk for the majority of Season 3.

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A rare standing up opportunity for Season 3 Uhura.

Going Full Shatner

Urban Dictionary has this one as suddenly busting out some wild, OTT dance moves, but we use it to mean Shatner (usually as a possessed or alternative Kirk) suddenly letting loose and going up to 11.

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