Patterns of Force – Episode 51

This week, Rachel and Chris feel very confused about Kirk, Spock and Nazi themed BDSM during Patterns of Force

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next week: By Any Other Name!

7 thoughts on “Patterns of Force – Episode 51”

  1. You expressed surprise at how flippantly this episode treats Nazis, but note that this episode came out right in the middle of the original run of Hogan’s Heroes. Comedy Nazis were a whole *thing* in the late 60s, perhaps as an attempt to defang something terrifying, once the immediate horror of the war and the holocaust had worn off.

  2. Producer: “We’ve got a bunch of nazi costumes and access to a ‘Bowery’ set. Can you write an episode around that?

    Writer: “Sure, but I need ten minutes.”

    Producer: “You’ve got five. And add some laughs”

  3. This episode must have been difficult for a number of cast members – Nimoy for one avoided posing for press shots whilst in Nazi uniform.

    I love your implication that one of the reasons Spock and Kirk get captured is Spock’s poor improv skills!

    CAPTION: “Damn it, Spock – this is what happens when you don’t ‘yes, and’ me!”

  4. I think there might have been some fear that the horrors of the Nazi era might fade in the future, to point where people might try to do like Gil and use some if their tactics. I’m from the south and gave certainly seen the horrors of slavery downplayed in my lifetime…that seems thankfully to have changed.
    Another point, German soldiers wore helmets anytime they were on duty as do most armies, but British soldiers on street patrol or occupation duty do not. Helmets are seen as confrontational and scary to civilians you are trying to get in good with.
    And they left that planet with the same problem as before….the Fuhrer system seems to still be in place! “Now we will live as the Fuhrer intended”… an authoritarian govt that is just not racist (for now).
    And lastly, the inefficiency of the Nazis is one of the reasons they lost….their production was never coordinated and the Allies were.

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