One of Our Planets Is Missing & The Lorelei Signal: Episode 84

This week we got a Two-fer! Rachel and Chris make short work of One of Our Planets is Missing and The Lorelei Signal.

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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Next week, another Two-fer!

8 thoughts on “One of Our Planets Is Missing & The Lorelei Signal: Episode 84”

  1. The “Captain Uhura” episode surprised you? AWESOME!

    I predict you’ll like the Tribbles episode, as well as “Survivor.” But “Magicks of Megas Tu?” No. There are some real gems in the this series, but Megas Tu is not one of them.

  2. Hey, guys, hate to tell you this but it just jumped out at me when you said Vina was the Orion woman from Whom Gods Destroy – cos her name was actually Marta!
    Vina was the woman in The Cage (The one with Captain Christopher Pike).

    1. Hi Akeel, If I remember rightly I was referring to the transcript of that episode in which the writer said that Marta didn’t dance as well as Vina.
      Did that not come across? Rachel

      1. it wasn’t that bit… it was at 18:20 when you read out that note which mentioned the name Vina and Chris says “The Orion woman from Whom Gods Destroy…” when it should have been “The Orion woman from The Cage” you know the bit where Captain Christopher Pike is being shown all these illusions by the Talosians and in one of them his fellow prisoner Vina is playing a dancing Orion girl…
        Sorry I’m probably coming across as a wee bit pernickity but as i said it just jumped out at me.
        Apart from that… great series. of podcasts

      2. Actually, no, it wasnae that…. you read the note and then Chris said, at 18.22: “The Orion woman who was in Whom Gods Destroy…” what he should have said was something along the lines of: “The Orion woman who was in The Cage…”
        You’ll know what I mean if you do a search for it

        1. Chris here. I have to defend my honour!

          Here is a transcript.

          Rachel: There was one which said, ‘that woman didn’t dance as good as Vina.’
          Chris: Oh, right. Yes. The Orion woman in ‘Whom Gods Destroy.’

          I can see the confusion. Rachel’s comment was about a comment in the script for the episode ‘Whom Gods Destroy.’ I wasn’t saying that Vina was in WGD, I was saying that the comment was talking about the Orion woman in WGD (who was Marta). What Rachel should have said was that Marta didn’t dance as good as Vina.’ And I should have said, yes Marta in ‘Whom Gods Destroy.’

          It was unclear, but we did have it right!

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