Obsession – Episode 43

Rachel and Chris wonder if the smell of Fabreze may actually be trying to kill them while watching Obsession!

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4 thoughts on “Obsession – Episode 43”

  1. This episode marks the halfway mark of TOS – luckily, it’s not all downhill from here, there are some great episodes coming up!

    There’s something odd in this episode that Kirk, in his Ahab-like obsession, appears to miss – the mysterious resurrection of Lieutenant Leslie! Leslie was played by Eddie Paskey, who was in 57 episodes. As well as playing Leslie, he was Shatner’s regular stand-in, Scott’s hand double (when hand close-ups were required and they didn’t want to show his missing finger) and others. Perhaps most notably, Lieutenant Leslie was in command of the ship when the rest of the command crew were ‘guests’ of Trelane in ‘The Squire of Gothos’.

    In this episode, Lieutenant Leslie is one of the red shirts killed by the creature – he is named as one of the crewman McCoy pronounced dead in Kirk’s log reading. However, later in the episode he is seen in walking by Kirk’s quarters and again in sickbay, fit as a fiddle, and goes on to appear in later episodes (including the next one, in which he stands witness to a classic Star Trek scene). According to Paskey, the script for Obsession contained a scene where McCoy was able to revive all of the dead crewman, but it was never filmed.

  2. Anybody else impressed with the portable anti-grav prop? It’s never explained, taken for granted as a mundane piece of 23rd century tech that just does it’s job. No big deal. Good sci fi. It shows up in The Changeling as well.

  3. We should have a caption contest for the photos you pick for each episode!

    “Kirk to Transporter Room – Scotty, are you sure these are the right coordinates? This doesn’t look like the bowling alley…”

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