Mudd’s Women – Episode 7

This week, Rachel and Chris fail to be charmed by Mudd’s Women!

In this episode, an intergalactic shyster shows up with three ‘beautiful,’ and mysterious, women. Everyone freaks out. Except for Spock. Because Spock is awesome.

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next episode: What are Little Girls Made Of?

7 thoughts on “Mudd’s Women – Episode 7”

  1. So glad to get this episode. I was actually having withdrawals. Oddly enough this episode is one of the most popular. Which is one of the reason Mudd makes another appearance. I didn’t realize it was so early in the run.

    I often wonder what the reaction of the other 2 miners might have been. They apparently got married that night by the Las Vegas Interplanetary Elvis ceremony package. We never really get to see them again. I think it would have been a H.P. style epilogue.

    1. Yikes, the most popular? I guess it hasn’t aged well.

      Vegas-style wedding ends in insanity and/or death?

      Glad you’re happy to have us back. Thanks Dwaine!

    1. Oh, I really enjoyed reading these! What a process. I love that Bob’s signature is just a B and then typewritten it says Bob underneath. My favourite memo was the one from him to Gene with ‘love and kisses’ at the end, with added handwritten kisses. Thanks Frak!

  2. Your comments made me wonder what happened to the snarky, lie-detecting computer after this episode. Personally, I think Kirk may have ordered it disabled. Shatner tended to gain weight during a season’s filming – watch out for the green tunic, which was designed to better hide his corset when there was more Kirk than there used to be. I think this may be to blame:

    SPOCK: Captain, you are wearing a different uniform today.
    KIRK: Well spotted Mr Spock – I decided that it was time for a change.
    KIRK: Uh… I mean, I thought green was a more captain-ly colour-
    SPOCK: *Raises eyebrow*
    KIRK: There is obviously something wrong with the computer.
    KIRK: Belay that, Computer! It’s muscle gain. I’ve been working out.
    KIRK: *Triggers the communicator* Bridge to Engineering – Scotty, find the lie detector computer module, pull it out and give it Space Therapy.

  3. Kirk: That computer is defective Mr. Spock.
    Computer: INCORReccccccttttttttt (as jettisoned into space).

    More Kirk/Computer fan fiction please Rafe!

  4. Oh, this episode… I think the reason it was so beloved for so long had nothing to do with the plot itself (mainly because there really isn’t one) and everything to do with Mudd himself. Roger C Carmel was a character actor that you got if your show needed a guy who was kinda sleazy. However, he injects so much personality into Mudd that it’s hard not to feel bad for the guy when the computer is browbeating him into coming clean, even when you know he’s a slimeball. There have been tie-in novels and comics starring Mudd where he’s less of an interstellar pimp and lets his lovable roguishness shine through, so it might be worthwhile to look those up.

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