Mirror, Mirror – Episode 34

Chris gets the Agonizer as Rachel dons her goatee while delving into the alternate universe of Mirror, Mirror!

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Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next Week: The Apple!

2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror – Episode 34”

  1. I love Nimoy’s performance in this episode – the sense of quiet menace he manages to project as Mirror Spock is impressive.

    Marlena’s seductive outfit in Kirk’s quarters was something of an improvisation. Having filmed all her scenes bar that one, Barbara Luna came down with an awful case of the flu. She staggered in to work, but the production doctor sent her home before she infected the entire cast.

    It took Luna two weeks to recover – when she returned to film her final scene, she had lost weight due to her illness and her costume was so ill-fitting that it could not be used. With no time to alter it, Bill Theiss stuck her in a bikini, grabbed a load of material and pretty much draped it over her on set – volia, new costume!

  2. Jeffries Tube….. named after Walter ‘Matt’ Jeffries the original designer of the Starship Enterprise for the pilot

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