Metamorphosis – Episode 39

Rachel and Chris contemplate inter… species? Inter… element-based lifeforms relationships, in Metamorphosis!

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6 thoughts on “Metamorphosis – Episode 39”

  1. Hmm – I found this one a little ‘meh’. Not sure if it was the somewhat slow pace, or Kirk’s repeated attempts to talk the companion around (MCCOY: What are you doing, Jim?!? It’s an alien energy being damnit, not a computer!), but it didn’t really grab me. Not a dreadful episode like ‘The Alternative Factor’ by any means, but not one that I’d rush to rewatch.

    The companion was voiced by Elizabeth Rogers, better known as Lieutenant Palmer aka Uhura’s ‘instant that’ replacement in ‘The Doomsday Machine’ – maybe Nichelle Nichols mentioned singing again and the producers put an alien reminder in there for her!

  2. “The” starfleet? That just grated on me, considering that for the rest of the multiple series, Starfleet is a normal proper noun.

  3. Kirk:
    Oh, Zeph. Before we go, we should probably mention, the Universal Translator was slightly out of adjustment… The companion is actually a dude.
    Well, bye bye, enjoy working the kinks out of the relationship. Beam us up Scottie.

    Wha ??

  4. Okay, I had to go back to do a retrospective caption for this photo!

    Zeph had the misfortune to barge into Spock’s room during his private meditation session at just the wrong moment…

    (to non-patrons, this will make more sense if you back the Patreon and check out the Spirk episode and comments)

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