Errand of Mercy – Episode 27

Rachel and Chris discover it\’s all about Kor when they go on an Errand of Mercy!

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9 thoughts on “Errand of Mercy – Episode 27”

  1. The only reason the Organians finally put their foot down on the K/F war was that it ruined the annual Organian Larping Weekend Fun Fest. They had everything set up as a low tech feudal village complete with traditional green goats and then these space muggles show up and spoil everything. Everybody had to break character and it was a total bummer. Oh well. on the bright side, no one had to sit through the morris dancing this year.

  2. PRODUCER: What can we do to make this look more like an alien planet? This looks like Robin Hood is going to leap over the parapet at any moment to rescue Maid Marion.
    SET DESIGNER: Ummm… paint the goats green?
    PRODUCER: Genius! Tell your stupid assistant to get more paint this time. I don’t want a repeat of the blue plant fiasco.

  3. John Colicos deserves a great deal of credit for setting the tone for klingon characters. I never liked the change brought about in the later interpretations. The Klingons went from a fascinating sophisticated expansionist military culture to a bunch of dull growling jocks.

    Have you not heard the Klingon proverb,
    “Four Thousand Throats Can be Cut In One Night By A Running Man” ?

    1. John Colicos is great as Kor. He self-deprecatingly described himself as a “Slightly hammy, overblown actor,” and he was very good at slightly hammy, overblown villains – most famously as the treacherous Count Baltar in the original Battlestar Galactica. He would often get people calling out “Hey, Baltar!” to him in the street, what he jokingly referred to as ‘The Curse of the Cylons.”

  4. Re. the main officers all going on a landing party thing.
    This does have a precedent if we look back to the Napoleonic era. I think this is much more in line with what the Enterprise’s mission – the mission is to explore, establish contact and be diplomats rather than it being a purely combat tour.
    If you read books by authors such as Alexander Kent, the Royal Navy was carrying out similar missions back in the Napoleonic Era. It was not uncommon to have “cutting out” actions, where a small boat would go ashore for some kind of reconnaissance, spying, rescue or diplomatic mission. In some cases they would capture and sail away and enemy ship using this tactic.

    The team would include some of the high ranking officers, particularly the Captain if it was a diplomacy mission.
    Putting the Enterprise in that role gives the “landing team” device a little more credibility perhaps. Think of the ship as an old-time RN frigate rather than a modern US battleship, Though, yes, quarantine procedures do seem somewhat lacking!
    Lovin’ the show!

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