Episode 99 – Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Part 2

It’s time to bring the movie home. Rachel finds out who Vgr is and is impressed by its real-life ancestors. Chris spills the gossip behind the scenes. Join us! 

2 thoughts on “Episode 99 – Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Part 2”

  1. Ilia in the shower…

    Vger assembles Ilia in the shower because the process gives off a lot of heat. You can hear a security officer in the background yell “Whatever it is, it’s white hot!” And then he reports the temperature dropping down to 37 C. She is naked and wet in the booth when the bridge crew arrive. It is Decker that dresses Ilia. He activates some controls on the booth that causes her clothing to materialize. Maybe the selection was preset to a default outfit. Or… Maybe it was Decker’s favorite, the Theiss-22. Grrrrr…

    Yeah, they call it a sonic shower but, there’s water everywhere.

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