2 thoughts on “Episode 114 – The Last Outpost”

  1. Hi, guys! I enjoyed your last episode, as I always do, but I want to comment on the anti-semitism reading of the Ferengi. I absolutely understand that it felt like it came out of nowhere, and I can absolutely accept that they were *intended* to portray toxic capitalism, but it’s pretty hard not to read antisemitism into a race that is (1) portrayed as animalistic and sub-human, and (2) overly obsessed with money. It speaks well for you that you don’t see it—it shows that the Jewish stereotypes are not active in your mind–but those stereotypes have been applied to Jews for far too long for such a characterization of an entire race not to resonate among the people who have been at the receiving end of this type of bigotry. My mother didn’t know much about Star Trek, but even she knew enough to explain to me back when I was in elementary school that she didn’t think the Ferengi were funny, and why.

    They outgrow this resonance in DS9, of course, and I deeply love Moogie (especially as played by Andrea Martin) and Rom. But their initial introduction in TNG was problematic, and the bad storytelling–which didn’t allow them any depth of character or diversity as a people which might have transcended the anti-semitic reading–made it worse.

  2. This is really helpful to read, thank you Clara. Several people have responded in similar ways. I hope to give this a deeper dive once the Ferengi show up on our show again. I’ll also include your comments in our comments show.

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