6 thoughts on “Episode 112 – The Naked Now”

  1. Hi,

    I am a regular listener to this show, however, Chris’s crude comment’s about Yar’s behaviour was really unnecessary.

    1. Hi Nathalie,
      We get carried away with our Ru Paul’s Drag Race references sometimes and forget to keep it PG.

      Thank you for being a long time listener! R

  2. Your ‘cast remains a spot of joy amid the grey sameness of Covid lockdown 🙂

    I remember being deeply unimpressed by this episode, since it was basically a remake of a far superior TOS story. As with “The Naked Time” I didn’t like the story presenting us with the crew acting out of character when we were so unfamiliar with them, and barely knew what they were like when they were IN character. Pretty bad episode and a really weak start to the series. And yes, it gets much better.
    Regarding Denise Crosby’s revealing costume, David Gerrold addressed the “no underboob” rule in the book “The Making of Star Trek.” When speculating why the network would not allow the underside of breasts to be exposed, he speculated that it might have been because the censors were afraid that there might be moss growing there.
    As for Data fandom and fetishism – I have what I consider to be a highly superficial resemblance to Brent Spiner and can’t seem to go anywhere without someone noting that I look like “that guy from Independence Day”, or like “that guy from Star Trek.” I always thought it was just good fun but nothing especially noteworthy until I met a woman who confessed to me that she had a “Brent Spiner fetish.” I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. Anyway, I’ve learned that there are far worse people to look like than Brent Spiner.

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