3 thoughts on “Episode 109 – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – Part 2”

  1. Rachel has a great memory.
    She recalls the Rubidium Crystal implants used to track Kirk and Spock in “Patterns of Force”. Another jail break scene.

    The Sherlock Holmes references bothered me. The mystery was nowhere near worthy of S.H.
    Probably there only because Nicholas Meyer wrote and later directed “The Seven Percent Solution”. My favorite S.H. film.

    This is another film that could have been saved with telented writers but, hollywood decisionmakers never value the writers.

    If you like kim Catrall… “Porky’s”.
    Chriss should probably watch this alone, it’s pretty juvenile, and sexist, and racist, and… Just don’t tell anyone how hard you laughed.

  2. I think the Will Ferrell movie you’re thinking of is “Get Hard” and the sidekick is Kevin Hart – he’s also in the Jumanji movies with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

  3. I went through all the TOS Trek movies with one of my kids last year and I remember this one not living up to my recollection of it, either. I do remember at one time thinking it was REALLY good and after revisiting it I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t think it was terrible (and likely rated it higher than the two of you), but it wasn’t anything special.

    Although, that somewhat held true with all of them that I previously held in high regard to some degree while the ones I had always thought were the worst ended up exceeding my low expectations (TMP and V).

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