Episode 105 – Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home – Part 2

Rachel and Chris finish their coverage of the best movie ever made.

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 105 – Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home – Part 2”

  1. Let’s not forget the real message of this movie:
    If you get a cellphone call in a restaurant–
    speak quietly, end the call quickly, and apologize to your dinner companion.

    Also… What’s a pocket pager??

      1. Modern audiences miss the 1986 humor here. There are no mobile phones. Kirk is doing something absurd and ineptly tries to hide it. It was funny at the time but has since become meaningless.

        A similar situation is illustrated in “Jaws” (1975). Robert Shaw (Quint) crushes an empty beer can effortlessly with one hand. Modern audiences don’t realize that he is demonstrating a genuine feat of strength in crushing a 1970s steel can, not a flimsy aluminum one. When his nerdy shipmate Hooper then crushes a paper cup, the joke is lost.

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