Elaan of Troyis – Episode 69

This week, things get sassy and weird with Elaan of Troyis!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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Next week: Whom Gods Destroy!

5 thoughts on “Elaan of Troyis – Episode 69”


    Not sure what to have for dinner? A bunch of friends come over unexpectedly, and the replicators are out of order? Head on down to KFT – Klingon Fried Tribble – and grab one of our family buckets! Made with the finest, free-range tribbles, coated in a crispy quadrotriticale crumb mixed with with our eleven secret herbs and spices! It’s finger lickin’ good!

    1. Tribbles are a left over GMO food species created by some long dead galactic civilization. Eventually they got out of control and the designers had to take drastic measures to get rid of them. That’s what the Berserkers (The Doomsday Machine) were supposed to be doing when their society collapsed into extinction. Giant Tribble exterminators.

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