Court Martial – Episode 21

This week, Rachel and Chris watch Kirk get fingered by a computer… for a crime he did not commit! In Court Martial!

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Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next episode: The Return of the Archons!

7 thoughts on “Court Martial – Episode 21”

  1. The chess game was the star of the episode for me. I built one in high school shop class. I played with friends in HS. We tried to make up playable rules. Now they exist.

    Some links for other Trek chess geeks:


    Play on your PC

    The original prop sources (still available on ebay)

    They had to use a manned “pod” because the ion storm was mainly composed of high energy plot elements. Notoriously unstable and known to form holes.

  2. Rewatching these first season episodes, what was intended as McCoy’s Southern charm comes across a bit creepy now! We meet the Enterprise’s Personnel Officer in one of the courtroom scenes – I bet she has a massive folder in her office for Doctor McCoy, she’s probably sick of having to keep sending him on diversity and prevention of sexual harrassment in the workplace courses.

    1. It’s definitely painfull to watch those tv series from the sixties and seventies. Many of them had gender descrimination as the premise for the show and STILL managed to promote ideas of women’s inferiority and acceptable violations.

      Things are getting better though… Right? (sigh)

  3. Hey. I just realised Jame is wearing a Sera Fuku. She must have been attending a Cosplay Anime Convention when she got the bad news. Good to know Sailor Moon is still popular in the twenty-third century.

    Sutaru Tureku tsubarasi desu!

  4. Here is a possible source for the “jettison the pod” plot element. 1930 “Hell’s Angels”. At minute 47 we see an attack-Zeppelin’s observation pod (Cloud Car) lowered below the cloud deck to spot for the bombardier. At minute 53 we see the captain make the decision to cut the man loose in order to gain altitude during the British counter attack.

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