Comments Show – Episode 1: Mudd’s Women

To give you a little something more than only listening to us once a month, Rachel and I have decided to do a quick little ‘Comments Show’ to read your feedback and give feedback to the feedback. Hopefully, you\’ll like it!

11 thoughts on “Comments Show – Episode 1: Mudd’s Women”

  1. Cannot not comment about the commentary on the comments show.
    Star trek TNG had some very short skirts in the first season.
    Also you to are great and I hope this show blasts off.

    1. Actually yes captain has a greater/diplomat uniform on and like yoga pants or leggings on . So Ya maybe ? Do yoga pants count? They do not leave much to the imagination.

  2. Yaaaay going meta 🙂

    This was a nice extra to tide us over to the next show, thank you! I was going to suggest that this might make a good bonus show for subscribers when you launch your patreon, but then I think this is also a great way to encourage listener engagement so perhaps it’s better left open to everyone!

    Thanks for reading my ‘script’ – I liked your added ending Rachel, maybe the lie detector module will bump into the Space Core from Portal 2 somewhere out there! (INCORRECT! SPAAAAACE!)

    The comments on sex and race made me think back to some of the discussion on the HPL Literary Podcast about HPL’s racism and how much of that was a product of his time (that not excusing it) – though unlike Star Trek, I don’t think anyone’s ever accused HPL of being progressive in that regard! It is interesting to look at the context in which these things were produced and what might have been considered normal, progressive or even shocking at the time. Although time sometimes does not lead to improvement – looking at TOS episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” and its treatment of racism, you wonder how almost 20 years later anyone thought the TNG episode “Code of Honour” was a good idea…

  3. Hi Rachel and Chris. Thanks for the little something extra episode, I definitely have a hard time waiting for the next show each time, as they are far apart compared to, say, the HPPodcraft podcast.

    I have a couple of comments on your comments/conversation.

    First: The lie-detecting computer does appear again, maybe even multiple times, not completely sure how many, but she definitely didn’t receive “Space Therapy” after this episode.

    Second: Star Trek TOS does address racism in a number of episodes, which will come in the future, but always, or mostly always through alien species, not humans.

    In spite of the show being dated by modern standards of equality, particularly gender equality, the point was supposed to be that humans had worked out their race/country issues completely and therefore race wasn’t a topic between Federation humans. Ideally, everyone was just treated as a person, so an episode wouldn’t be based around, say, Uhura’s race issues.

    Third: I was interested to hear about the deleted scene the actor that played Mudd talked about in an interview. The scene seems to have been revised to match a new plot and included in another episode featuring Harry Mudd. No spoilers for Rachel, but there is an upcoming scene between Mudd and Uhura in which he tries to seduce her in a similar way.

    Thanks for carrying on with the show so far. I look forward to the next episode.

    1. Thank you for bringing the great news about the computer Clyde! I’ll look forward to that scene with Uhura.

      We’ll chew over the rest in the comments show. Very grateful to hear perspectives on this complex, sensitive theme.

  4. I do hope the series isn’t going to center on how “problematic” ST was by today’s standards…it’s going to get tiring if it just turns into a “look how sexist/racist ST and its era was” podcast. It was the time, and it did its best to rise above it…..I hope we can give it some more credit for what it gets right, and for the message it tried to send in the time it aired. Uhura’s character was important BECAUSE she was just another crew member, treated no differently, doing her job well among the other experts. There was no heavy handed virtue-signaling, and it had the desired effect. Mae Jamison, a Shuttle astronaut, said that Uhura had a huge effect on her confidence and interest in a technical career…Whoopi Goldberg said something similar. Anyway.
    I love Rachel’s picking up on the plot holes and (il)logical leaps the stories make. She’s noticed instantly some things I swallowed whole as a kid and only recently picked up on…like he miner’s new wives and their not so bright future.

  5. Thank you for listening Theron and for your honest feedback and encouragement.

    Lots of food for thought here. I’ll respond in the next comments show.

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