5 thoughts on “Chris Watches Picard! – Episode 1”

  1. Here’s a pro tip for watching the new Trek series’…
    Whenever you see two people alone in a room, hold down the “ff” key till the scene changes. You will not miss ANY plot relative to the story. I suspect the main writer left spaces for the B team to fill an empty room with pointless teen relationship dialog. There’s probably a term for this by now.

    Did you catch the reference to Kzinti by Riker? I waited the rest of the episode for one to show up in the background.

    I’m very puzzled by an android civilization’s motives and occupations. They didn’t evolve from predators or prey. They should have no existential imperatives at all. No ambition, no pain. They don’t age or sicken. Why do they bother imitating human beings? Why not be sentient stones that communicate by radio and have a rich inner virtual environment deep underground connected to super powerful sensors on the surface?

    There are opportunities here for really deep sci fi. I hope the writers take some risks instead of exercising their soap opera muscles.

    Bunnicorn is the horn-dog from “Enemy Within”.
    (Alpha-177 Canine)


  2. You know when the landing party arrives on the class M planet and the streets are deserted with no signs of the civilization that populated it?

    It’s like that here in NY. Spooky.

    I have a terrible urge to leave a set of empty clothes filled with rock salt somewhere conspicuous.

  3. I’m oddly disappointed by how humanoid the synthetic supercivilisation is, and consequently I really hope they turn out to be the time travelled version of the Copellians. Conversely, if they are, why wouldn’t they take a lesson and create a beacon that doesn’t drive organic life into a homicidal, anti-synthetic rage?

    Sidebar: I’m starting to think that someone on this production has a serious and possibly problematic fixation with bad girls. Between the glamourous slaver, Agent Incest slinking around the Cube and Golden Murderbot’s… averse relationship to personal space, there’s a worrying correlation between sexualised coding and villainy.

  4. Miranda Jones is one of my favorite TOS one-off characters, and she taught herself the Vulcan mind meld despite being human. And anything humans can do, surely androids can do better.

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