Charlie X – Episode 4

This week, Rachel and Chris explore puberty and omnipotence as we get to know Charlie X!

In this episode, a mysterious, young man shows up on the Enterprise and creeps folks out.

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next episode: Naked Time!

20 thoughts on “Charlie X – Episode 4”

  1. Just in response to the ‘no illogical way to play chess bit’:

    For every scenario on the board, there are hundreds of possible courses of action for a player to take. However, your possible courses of action narrow, if you wants to play well. Playing well, you predict how your opponent will react, and thus tailor your course of action to their course of action, who themself will be predicting your course of action. This is how two ‘logical’ players combat each other, predicting each others’ strategies and responding accordingly.

    However, if you put a logical player against an illogical player, one who doesn’t predict their opponent’s strategy, the above does not hold. Of the hundreds of moves available, the logical player will only choose a few sensible ones, and will count on their opponent to choose a few sensible ones. The illogical player will play ANY of the possible moves. By playing ‘poorly’ the illogical player becomes harder to predict.

    While such illogic cannot win matches consistently, every once in a while it can throw off a logical player.

    Strictly speaking, it is not that Kirk plays ‘illogically’, but that he plays without care for what happens next, thus thwarting Spock’s logical attempts to predict what he’ll do next.

    1. Grrrr, 3D chess! Why they had to add another dimension to the complexity you have just described, I will never know. Thank you for listening Simon!

  2. Just wanted to make sure to add a few words of encouragement. By all means keep this up. It’s a real pleasure every time RWST pops up in my feed. Pace yourselves as needed.


  3. Please keep going, I’m finding these hysterical. I’m a massive fan of the HP Podcast ready, and as a Star Trek fan who could never *quite* manage to take the original shows seriously this is gold.

    “I call the bullshit” is my new fave phrase.

  4. Fun episode – a few thoughts that came to me whilst listening:

    I guess if you average out Charlie’s social and physical age, that would make him a teenager!

    Now I’m looking for it, Uhura’s crush on Spock keeps jumping out at me – now she’s singing a song about the sexy alien with the ‘devil ears’! And if you think her singing is cringeworthy, wait until you see her dancing – though thankfully as that’s not until Star Trek V, that’s a way off!

    The ‘birds and the bees’ discussion could be interesting in Star Trek, what with all the different species:

    “When a mummy, a daddy and a cogenitor love each other very much…”
    “When a mummy and daddy love each other very much, they touch fingers, there’s a glow and voila!”
    “When two androgynous partners love each other very much, they go find a fibrous husk and…”

    (All genuine examples from various episodes)

    I like the idea of ‘Space Therapy’ – though I think it might be a euphemism…

    “Captain, how should we deal with Charlie – Space Therapy?”
    “Yes – Space Therapy, Mr Spock.”
    (Mr Spock hits the airlock button – a shriek and a rush of escaping air is heard.)
    “Space Therapy complete, Captain.”

  5. I would point out that Nichelle Nichols was not only an actress, but a professional singer. Rather than having a poor voice, I think the issue is rather that 1960s lounge-style hasn’t aged well.

      1. In her biography Nichelle Nichols talked about the singing in that scene. Apparently, whilst she did originally sing the song, her voice was actually dubbed over for the airing of the episode. She was always very upset that people thought that singing was her voice, but finally got restitution in that she actually got to sing in one of the movies.

  6. Your “inverted” comment made me loose it. I laughed so hard I lost my breath. I’ve never heard that phrase before.

    You guys are very entertaining keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next episode.

  7. I also like the Twilight episode it was taken from. The ending fade is probably my favorite endings as it still to this day gives me shivers. “I want to stay…stay…stay….” Yep, still creepy….

  8. I love the show! It reminds me of growing up in the 80s and my mother used to have a big grey Star Trek tape mailed to her once a month and we would watch it together. She also used to have The Nitpicker’s Guide to Star Trek which is one of the earliest books I remember reading. Its an episode by episode guide to all the plot holes, continuity errors, irregularities and whatnot for the whole series. When you noticed Kirk’s shirt changing it brought me back to reading that book and watching the episodes while trying to spot every haply little mistake. Please keep up the good work you two!

  9. love charlie x i feel sorry for charlie he not evil just misunderstood it not easy going from teenager to adult live long and prosper

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