Catspaw – Episode 37

Rachel and Chris experience sensuality vicariously through a cat lady in this week’s episode, Catspaw!

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Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next Week: I, Mudd!

2 thoughts on “Catspaw – Episode 37”

  1. KIRK: You’re a very beautiful woman.
    SYLVIA: You find me beautiful. But I can be many women. In many wigs.
    KIRK: Oh, you think you’ve got wig game? Now I know how to defeat you! Chekov!
    CHEKOV: Yes, Keptin?
    SYLVIA: No… no… NO!!! That is not a wig, that is a monstrosity! How is there so much of it?
    CHEKOV: What? This was made by the finest wigmakers in Leningrad!
    SYLVIA: That… that was… a good try, Captain. But it will take more than that to defeat me.
    KIRK: Well, you asked for it… Nurse Chapel, get in here!
    CHAPEL: Reporting for duty, Captain.
    SYLVIA: What- what… is… that? Its angles… non-Euclidean… Surely this must be the work of the Old Ones! So much sidewig cannot possibly exist in three dimensions! AAAAAaaaaAAaaaaaaaaggghh!

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