By Any Other Name – Episode 52

This week, Rachel and Chris discover that they really like to ‘apologyise‘ after watching By Any Other Name! 

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next week: The Omega Glory!

2 thoughts on “By Any Other Name – Episode 52”

  1. Interesting that you pointed out this episode is one of the few to make a callback to an earlier episode – Scotty’s drinking scene from this one would receive a callback some twenty four years later in TNG episode ‘Relics’.

    Don’t let Hanar near the butter knives! We last saw Hanar actor Stewart Moss playing poor Joe Tormolen, who somehow managed to stab himself to death with the bluntest of knives in “The Naked Time”.

    Chris, you’re not the only one to think Barbara Bouchet is easy on the eyes – after a week’s filming, Stewart Moss asked her out for dinner. Unfortunately for Moss, her response was to shoot him down with logic Mr Spock would be proud of – Moss recalled that she paused a moment, smiled at him, and replied, “But for what purpose? You’re an attractive man, but what can you do for me?”

  2. CAPTION: KIRK: Hah – and now you will fall unc- And now you will fall- And now… Damn it, I should have paid more attention when Spock tried to teach me that nerve pinch thing…

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