And the Children Shall Lead – Episode 60

This week, Rachel and Chris are weirded out by some kids who fist pump to control minds in And the Children Shall Lead!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next Episode: Is There in Truth No Beauty?

4 thoughts on “And the Children Shall Lead – Episode 60”

  1. Was directed at this show by System mastery- downloaded 6 eps in apple’s podcast app, enjoyed, went back for more and found no episodes before 41 available.

    You should talk to apple about that.

    1. They are all on the website, but we had to limit the feed size due to bandwidth issues. I’m actually putting the feed up some more right now!

  2. Gorgan’s plan to conquer the universe has to be one of the dumbest ever. Hasn’t he ever heard the old adage, “Never work with children or animals?” I think his interactions with the children are very unrealistic. As a parent, I think it would go more like this:

    GORGAN: You have done very well, my friends. You have done what must be done. You have come aboard the-
    KID 1: Give it back!
    KID 2: No it’s mine!
    GORGAN: You have come aboard the Enterprise-
    KID 1: No, mine!
    KID 2: Mine!
    GORGAN: Children! There shall be toys aplenty for you all when we reach our destination, a Federation settlement. Captain Kirk will-
    KID 3: Woof!
    GORGAN: Eh?
    KID 3: Woof woof! I’m a doggy!
    GORGAN: Yes, yes, very nice. Now, Kirk will undoubtedly choose a closer station. Do not let that deter you. Marcos Twelve-
    KID 4: Mr Gorgan?
    GORGAN: Yes?
    KID 4: What does deter mean?
    GORGAN: It means ‘put off’.
    KID 4: Oh.
    GORGAN: Marcos Twelve has –
    KID 4: Mr Gorgan?
    GORGAN: Yes, what now?
    KID 4: Who would win in a fight, Superman or The Hulk?
    GORGAN: That’s… that’s not important right now. Now, Marcos Twelve has millions of people on it. Nearly a million will-
    KID 5: Gorgan
    GORGAN: -Nearly a million will join us-
    KID 5: Gorgan
    GORGAN: -Will join us as our friends. The rest-
    KID 5: Gorgan
    GORGAN: -The rest will be our ene-
    KID 5: Gorgan
    GORGAN: WHAT?!?!?
    KID 5: Can I have a cookie?

  3. Just finished listening – love your podcast!

    Chris was referencing the actor that played Gorgan and didn’t know why casting him (a noted attorney) would boost ratings. I think I know why. The actor (Melvin Belli) was famous a few years prior to the airing of the episode for being a defense attorney for Jack Ruby who killed Lee Harvey Oswald. Later he would go on to also have a hand in the San Francisco Zodiac killings. I recently watched Zodiac (2007), and there is a scene where Belli talks about being in Star Trek playing an alien named Gorgan. Coincidentally, I heard this podcast a few days later!

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