Amok Time – Episode 31

Rachel and Chris explore Vulcan sexuality and ritual conduct discussing the episode Amok Time!

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3 thoughts on “Amok Time – Episode 31”

  1. Lawrence Montaigne, who plays Stonn in this episode, was lined up as a replacement Vulcan officer in case Leonard Nimoy did not return (as his contract negotiations between seasons were not going well). Ultimately Nimoy signed up and Montaigne was given the role of Stonn by way of consolation. But Montaigne did also get some small payback for his disappointment…

    During filming of this episode, Montaigne was eating lunch in the commissary in full costume when a coachload of tourists came in. They came running up to him, calling “Mr Nimoy! Mr Nimoy! Can we have your autograph?” Feeling a little awkward, and not wanting to disappoint them, Montaigne signed Nimoy’s name.

    When he got back to set, he went up to Nimoy and said, “Hey Leonard, a funny thing happened to me at lunch. A load of tourists came in – they thought I was you, and asked me for an autograph!”

    Nimoy, who was meditating, just gave him a grunt in response, so Montaigne added, “Yeah, I told them to go f**k themselves.”

    As for Spock ‘giving little Mr. Spock the old Vulcan salute’ and taking care of things himself, had be been born a century later in the TNG era this wouldn’t have been a problem – he could just pop down to the holodeck, call up a copy of Vulcan Love Slave and he’d be all sorted!

    (P.S. Rachel, that’s not a slashfic invention – the Vulcan Love Slave holonovel is an actual thing in DS9)

  2. I imagine they diverted the ship as Spock had to get his freak on and NO ONE on the ship wanted any part of that. I can picture the conversation, “Anyone want to hook up with a angry Spock?… you?..Nurse Chapel? no? …no one will to help the ship out?…. OK, turn this heap around warp 9!”

    Kirk is a gambler by nature, so breaking the rules is the foundation of the his character. Prime Directive is his favorite, so disregarding an order from Star fleet was the icing on the cake. It’s why the character works.

    “Slapped Ass”… Rachel, once again my vocabulary is extended…

  3. There’s a Star Trek novel called “The Vulcan Academy Murders” which has T’pau showing up and being a bit of an old trout – there’s a bit where she gets huffy over discovering Kirk’s still alive. Really good read.

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