All Our Yesterdays – Episode 79

Rachel and Chris find joy near the end of the third season of the Original Series with All Our Yesterdays!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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Next week, the final episode of the original series of Star Trek: Turnabout Intruder!

3 thoughts on “All Our Yesterdays – Episode 79”

  1. Even the best Renaissance Faires are all anachronistic to some degree. Most are very scattered timewise. The performers and vendors that travel from one to another each often have only a certain garb and decor. It might be easier to think of them as past oriented fantasy faires. Some faires have printed standards for what is to be worn and what not, but most are free for all’s. For example, I have major garb portions that are usually black, and there are some faires that don’t allow it on performers because the dyes of the era would preclude it from my perceived social status.

    Come on out to one and just put your sense of time on hold.

    My suggestion is always the Medieval Fair of Norman in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. It’s more like a Doctor Who block party than most others with elves and furries, and who knows what. If you make it out, I’ll see that your admission is covered. (I have no pull with parking, so that’s on you.)

      1. Easiest way for pics is to follow the link on my name in the above post to one of my web sites. I’m specifically going to try to link this comment name to a YouTube video where I’m wearing a lot of black. 😉

        So click the Fugli, and see if it worked.

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