Chris loves Star Trek. Rachel had never watched it. Until 2017, when this podcast began. They have now completed the Original Series, are ploughing through the Animated Series and will be at the movies soon. It’s all Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura ALL THE TIME.

This is a podcast where Rachel and Chris talk about each episode of Star Trek, from the original TOS pilot onwards, getting her outsider’s perspective on one of the most influential Sci-fi shows of all time.


I can not remember a world without Star Trek. My dad had me watching it when I was really little. He tells me I would cry when Kirk and Spock would fight. I still do.

I love all Star Trek. TNG, DS9, Voyager, even Enterprise, I love them. I love the new movies, I love the animated Filmation series. I just love Star Trek.

Chris is the co-host of the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast. He’s also a writer, most recently of the comedy audio series Quiet & Bold in which he plays Randolph Bold, and graphic sci-fi novel Transreality. Before Rachel dragged him to live in England, Chris worked in Los Angeles as an animator and artist. He lives in Yorkshire with Rachel and their two sons.


For as long as I can remember, I have not watched Star Trek. I was brought up not watching it, by parents with very clear views on what aspects of 1960s culture were acceptable. Star Trek was not for us. Plays, history and soul music were for us, Star Trek was for science-y types and I never considered watching it, even for a second.

Not much changed when I got together with Mr. Star Trek 12 years ago, nor when I married him in 2010. My only concession was watching (and enjoying) the film Star Trek (2009) but I would never watch the TV show. Or so I thought...”

Rachel is a psychotherapist working privately and for a charity in her hometown. She enjoys bringing a therapist’s perspective to the weird, wonderful and often inconsistent characters of Star Trek.

Rachel is also a voice actress, most recently playing Mrs Humble in Quiet & Bold and performing dramatic readings on the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast and Pseudopod. Rachel is a former costume designer, so has a field day with Star Trek.

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