A Taste of Armageddon – Episode 24

This week, Rachel is not amused by Chris\’ references to The Cure every time someone brings up the \’Disintegration\’ chambers in A Taste of Armageddon!

Also, the Enterprise goes to a planet where war is waged by computers.

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Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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9 thoughts on “A Taste of Armageddon – Episode 24”

  1. We can all thank William Ware Theiss for Miss Babcock’s spectacular costume. He did all of the costumes for Star Trek including the uniforms. My favorite was Droxine’s from “The Cloud Minder’s”.

    Barbara Babcock show’s up in another episode as the female lead but was uncredited for all of her voice work. She voiced the Tholian Loskene, the Lights of Zetar, and the Beta Five computer.

    I think the episode was a commentary on the effect of remoteness caused by an overseas war. Young men stepped onto a bus headed for boot camp and were never seen again. No shots heard, no destruction experienced. It may as well have been a disintegration chamber.

    1. Man, what was William smoking when he designed the guard uniforms in this episode? With those spiky swimcap headpieces, they should be reporting to the disintegration chambers for crimes against fashion!

    2. The Vietnam angle made sense to me too when I watched this last night. The randomness of the “lottery” seems to correspond to the draft. Also, was Vietnam ever technically a war, or was it just a conflict? Were the show’s writers suggesting we threaten to nuke them in order to raise the stakes and thereby bring about peace?

      1. Yeah, it seems to be partly a commentary on the fact that Congress never actually declared war, but instead just kept sending random young men to their deaths. Not that it’s pro-war, but pro-honesty. I wonder if all the ribbing of Spock’s logic doesn’t make more sense in this context here—maybe “logic” is dismissed so much because of the “logic” of Vietnam, which seemed to be quite cold.

      2. Perhaps the analogy would be –“limited proxy war” in favor of direct confrontation with communist superpowers.

  2. He definitely spent more creative energy on the ladies. I’m just fine with all the budget getting blown on the strikingly beautiful ladies of Star Trek.

    On the other hand, there is precident for helmet spikes and bad design in military uniforms. The Vatican Swiss Guard just recently went through a significant change. … And have you had a good look at Britain’s ceremonial regalia? No sober human could have designed that big furry hat. (What are they hiding in there? Survival gear and a month’s provisions?)

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