A Private Little War – Episode 49

This week, Rachel and Chris become enchanted by an orange, fuzzy vest while watching A Private Little War.

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

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7 thoughts on “A Private Little War – Episode 49”

  1. Leonard Nimoy did not enjoy filming his scenes in this episode! To start off with, the scene after the injured Spock is beamed up took forever to shoot. The cast kept cracking up over the line, “Thank God his heart’s where his liver is, or he’d be dead by now,” and took over fifty takes to get it in the can. Nimoy had a very lucrative gig at the Texas State Fair that he needed to get to, and all the retakes meant filming was running late.

    The last scene of the day was Spock’s recovery where Chapel and Dr. M’Benga give him some rough treatment to help him to consciousness. Nimoy pulled Booker Bradshaw (M’Benga) aside and explained that after this scene he had to get on his bicycle and ride to a waiting helicopter that would then take him to a waiting jet to whisk him away to Texas. Not wanting to risk missing his flight, Nimoy instructed Bradshaw not to ‘stage slap’ him, but to really hit him so it looked real and they could get it done in one take.

    Bradshaw slapped Nimoy so hard, his Spock ears flew off across the room. The whole cast and crew collapsed into hysterics as Nimoy chased Bradshaw around the set screaming “I’m going to kill this guy!!!” whilst Bradshaw protested that he had only done what Nimoy had asked. Nimoy decided that a stage slap would do for the second take once his ears had been reattached, and they got the shot – Nimoy hugged Booker afterwards and reasssured him that he was not going to kill him.

    But this was not the end of Nimoy’s troubles for the day. On attempting to leave, he found his bicycle missing. Shatner had a running practical joke of hiding Nimoy’s bike; on this occasion, he had persuaded the lighting crew to hoist it up into the rafters of the studio. Needless to say, Nimoy’s response was not exactly Vulcan-like!

  2. According to Bradshaw, the Texas State Fair was paying Nimoy a fortune to make a ten minute appearance as Spock.

    I did do a bit of digging into the 1967 Texas State Fair, to see if there were any photos or articles on Nimoy’s appearance on the web. I didn’t find any, but did discover that the 1967 fair was the first one not to be segregated, as the fair opened all attractions and food concessions to people of all races for the first time.

  3. I’m surprised they don’t teach anything about the basics of guns in school there, as they are pretty darned important in history. But maybe Rachel wasn’t interested that day and wrote notes to her friends instead. Like I did when we were learning the names of all the Presidents.
    Anyway, of COURSE the Klingons needed to introduce better weapons….they knew that eventually the Blondies would start dealing for guns, and they’d need the Blackhairs to have something better to keep the arms race going. I assume they want to eventually get the Blackhairs set up as the rulers, who will then have the planet join the Klingon Empire “of their own volition”.
    Brits of all people should understand The Great Game!
    And as a hunter in my younger days, of course you always want better guns….just like golfers want better clubs, and skiers want better skis.

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