A Piece of the Action – Episode 47


This week, Rachel & Chris are going to really enjoy Star Trek, see? If they don’t, they’ll be sleepin’ with the fishes, see? They obviously want A Piece of the Action!

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One thought on “A Piece of the Action – Episode 47”

  1. Another reason this episode feels a bit different may be down to the director. James Komack was primarily know for writing and directing comedy shows, so was a good fit for this episode. Komack liked the sound of it too, reflecting years later in interview:

    “This was fun because it was a comedy, and Bill Shatner loves to do comedy…. Something that was fun for me was having Spock and Kirk come down with this great intellect and intelligence that they possess, and having them deal with monkeys. These guys had an I.Q. of about room temperature.”

    Unlike many Trek directors, Komack was open to the actors ad libbing, and a good chunk of the episode was improvised – for example, the Fizzbin scene was Shatner’s idea, and with some suggestions from Komack Shatner and the others pretty much made the whole thing up.

    It also looks like Kirk may have caused some cultural contamination of his own too – it seems the Iotians started playing the game and it spread, as in DS9 episode “The Ascent” Quark offers to teach it to Odo!

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