6 thoughts on “The Immunity Syndrome – Episode 48”

  1. Banging… amoeba? Sexy virus? 10 for sexiness?!? AAaaaAAaaHHHH! (Rafe’s brain explodes like a computer that’s been talked to death by Kirk)

    There were a few elements in this episode that jumped out at me because they crop up again in subsequent Star Trek series. The all-Vulcan ship is probably the most notable; not surprising that they exist since Vulcans tend to have a bit of a cultural superiority complex (Enterprise in particular picks up on that aspect of the Vulcan-Human relationship), though of course to them that’s just logical! There are still all-Vulcan crews in the TNG era too -there’s a fun episode of DS9 where an all-Vulcan ship, captained by Sisko’s old Starfleet Academy classmate, docks at the station and Sisko’s gang end up taking on the all-Vulcan crew in a baseball game (DS9, “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”). We get Starfleet command officers having to send their friends to their deaths again – by TNG, it’s a part of the standard Bridge Officer’s Test that Troi has to take (TNG, “Thine Own Self”) and we get to see giant viruses reappearing too (okay, it was an amoeba but they did say it was like a virus) in Star Trek: Voyager (“Macrocosm”).

  2. ROAD TRIP!!

    My companions would be Gary Mitchell (pre-godhood) & James T. Our destination would be the place where the women are…do you know the place? Oh yeah. You know the place.

    We would pick up Vina (in full Orion Slave girl Talosian illusion mode) and the two Rigel cabaret girls on McCoy’s arms from the Shore Leave planet. Then it’s off to Omicron Ceti III for some plant spores debauchery. Finally, we head over to the Guardian of Forever and just piss off the timeline.

  3. “Oh man, I can’t believe I won this mystery Star Trek car trip! I wonder who I’ll be going with? Maybe Kirk, or Spock, or- oh, there’s someone in the passenger seat, let’s get in and see who – oh…”
    “Greetings, friend – peace and tranquility to you! Are you of the body?”
    “Oh… uh, hi Landru! Gee… umm… well, at least there are two others. Where are they?
    “Blessed be the body, and health to all its parts! Our friend is outside making some modifications to this vehicle.”
    “What?!? An engineer? I knew it, it’s Scotty, it’s- oh, crap…”
    “I am Nomad! The energy release controls on this vehicle were most inefficient. I have effected repairs.”
    “Oh man… Well, at least the third passenger had got to be more fun, right?!?”

  4. My bad — that line is from earlier in the episode, before Spock is rescued. He’s more smug than I had realized.

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