Dagger of the Mind – Episode 10


This week, Rachel and Chris get their mind meld on while watching the episode Dagger of the Mind!

In this episode, Kirk and Dr. Noel check out a Penal Colony whose administrator hands out cocktails like they’re going out of style!

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Next episode: The Corbomite Maneuver

15 thoughts on “Dagger of the Mind – Episode 10”

  1. Concerning Christmas – I’m fairly certain there’s a scene in Star Trek Generations featuring a Christmas tree.

    Also, I’m really excited about the next set of episodes. I think there are a lot of good ones coming up!


    1. Almost dropped my tea when I heard my name mentioned on the show! Thanks Chris & Rachel! Looking forward to the next episode already.
      Just an idea: Might there be a way to link both the HPP and RWST podcasts in a “support both” deal? They’re both so freakin’ good!

  2. You’re spot on, Matt – it’s when Picard finds himself having Christmas with his family in the Nexus. Christmas is mentioned a few times in TNG and subsequent series, but I think the Christmas party in this episode is the only time it crops up in TOS.

  3. There are quite a few TOS episodes with Shakespeare connections, ranging from a reference or two like the title of “Dagger of the Mind”, through episodes that incorporate a Shakespearean element or two (like the three witches in “Catspaw”) to episodes which lift substantial amounts of plot from Shakespeare plays – though Trek is certainly far from the only Sci-Fi to borrow from The Bard (“Forbidden Planet” is probably the most famous example).

    The references to Shakespeare continue in later Trek series too – I love Patrick Stewart’s delivery of a speech made up of various Shakespearean excerpts to fool a Ferengi Captain in TNG episode “Menage a Troi”.

    To counterbalance this episode with a Macbeth reference for a title but very little else to do with the play, in a few episodes’ time you’ll reach “The Conscience of the King” which has a much more substantial connection to Shakespeare. Though of course, when it comes to Star Trek and Shakespeare, you always have to keep in mind that “You have never experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon!”

  4. Wow. So much to take in here! I love the musical that was made of Return to the Forbidden Planet. I saw it a million times in my teens. Gosh, it was grand.

  5. I just ran across your podcast and listened to your review of “Daggers of the Mind”. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. I really loved Rachel’s insight from a psychological prospective. You have a new subscriber in me and I’m really looking forward to the next episode.

  6. Hi Rachel and Chris,

    Thanks for another entertaining episode.

    As a longtime listener of Chris on the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast, video projects and various Paul Mclean team-ups. I have grow used to him occasionally doing two things.

    The first is saying things aren’t scary that would be horrifying in real life, such as a headless, limbless torso walking around on its ass-cheeks, or a dead body changing into the dead body of a different person.

    The second is acting unsure about something that seems pretty obvious. In the commentary for this episode, Chris states that he was unsure whether the female former-patient-turned-therapist was just played by a bad actor, or if she was zombified. Come on! First we get a creepy music sting while the camera shows her blank face, and then a hint during the toast, in which the words “..hearts and minds so empty…” are spoken while showing her blank face, along with a second creepy music sting. I think the answer is obvious… She was zombified *and* played by a bad actor.

  7. Haha…cultural differences rear their heads…as an ex-sailor I found Kirk’s ribbing of the transporter operator quite familiar and actually quite gentle…he was smiling and didn’t actually punish him..just told him to study what a professional should already know!
    Those skirts were indeed short! Could not have been enjoyable to film that with half your cheeks visible.
    And the brushing off of a female expert’s knowledge is something that indeed sticks out today….
    Keep up the great shows!

  8. I think I might agree with you on that one actually Theron. It’s about time those operators were brought down a peg or two. They are so sloppy!

  9. The inmate who has forgotten her past is named Lethe, which in Greek mythology is the “river of forgetfulness”. Clever. Clever.

    No kudos for James Gregory. *tsk* *tsk* An actor possessing an unmistakable voice. First time I saw this episode, I tapped my inner Van Gelder trying to place where I knew him from. Could have used ol’ pointy-ears mind melding to help me. Anyway, I am a huge fan of the Planet of the Apes series and James Gregory played General Ursus. I had seen the Planet of the Apes series many times before watching this episode but because of the gorilla makeup I didn’t know the actor.

    James Gregory was also a native New Yorker, like me.

    1. We’re keeping all as is. The Patreon stuff is just extra. For the comments show, we get comments from iTunes, the episode comments, facebook… where ever! We take the comments as we get them!

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