Bonus Episode 01 – The Zanti Misfits

Thanks to our very special Patreon backer, Brian Dymit, we have done a bonus episode on the Outer Limits Episode: The Zanti Misfits! It\’s a winner!

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Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

6 thoughts on “Bonus Episode 01 – The Zanti Misfits”

  1. “The Outer Limits” is an anagram of
    ” Trim Silhouette”.

    I couldn’t come up with a perceptive observation but the comment section looked so lonely…

    Zanti Thermadore… Just putting it out there.

    1. I wonder how that might go down with Zanti High Command?

      ZANTI COMMAND: We are incapable of executing our own species, but you are not. You are practised executioners. We thank you.
      EARTH MILITARY: Hey, no problem, they were very tasty.
      ZC: We – sorry, I beg your pardon, did you just say they were tasty?
      EM: Yeah, they cook up just like lobster. Send over the next batch whenever you’re ready, Chef is cooking up a batch of special sauce he’s dying to try out. Oh, and if any of your neighbours are cow aliens and want to get rid of their convicts, tell them to send ’em over too – we could do some kind of surf-and-turf type thing.

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